SGM G-7·Spot

The G-Spot is a RGB LED moving head with IP65-rating and a bright color output. It is capable of an even field beam projection with sharp imaging and no color aberrations. The integrated dehumidifier of the G-Spot ensures perfect inner cleanness of the luminaire and no accumulation of dust or externally induced impact on internal optics, gobos or the light source unit. Due to the revolutionary product features, the G-Spot won the prestigious top industry PLASA Award for Innovation, 2013.


  • IP66-rated moving head spot with 6500K white LED engine
  •  16000 lumen and 5° to 39° zoom range
  • CMY color mixing with dichroic RGB macros, linear CTO, CTB and 1 wheel with 5 colors + open
  • 6 rotatable gobos, 9 static gobos, 3-facet prism, iris, and frost
  • Clear and sharp projection
  • Fast pan and tilt movement
  • Compact, lightweight, silent / No internal cleaning needed
  • Superior thermal management for high reliability



Optical Data
Focus Motorized
Frost 0% – 100%, variable
LED expected lifetime 20,000 hours
Lightsource High-power white LED (6,500K)
Prism 3-facet rotatable and indexable prism
Zoom Motorized
Zoom range 5° to 39°
Color temperature 6500K
Linear CTO and CTB
Efficacy 35.8 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 16000 lm
Lumen per kilogram 593 lm / Kg
Lux @ 10m 11963 lux
Lux @ 5m 47854 lux
Maximum beam angle 28.6 °
Maximum field angle 38.7 °
Minimum beam Angle 5.8 °
Minimum field angle 9.2 °
Color options Black – RAL 9004
Custom color – Any RAL
White – RAL 9010
IK rating IK07
IP class IP66
Lens material AR-coated glass
Material Aluminium
Net dimensions 433 x 622 x 370 mm
Net dimensions inches 17.1 x 24.5 x 14.6 inches
Net weight 27 kg (59.5 lbs)
Color calibration White calibration with SGM Color Match selection
Color wheel 5 colors + open
Dehumidifier Head
Dimming Smooth fade in, gamma corrected curve
Effect wheels FX area integrated on color wheel
Gobo wheel (1) 9 static gobos + open
Gobo wheel (2) 6 rotatable, indexable, and interchangeable gobos + open
Iris 1% – 100%, pulse effect
Other CMY color mixing with added dichroic RGB macros
Linear CTO
CTB filter
Pan 620°
Physical head straight up height 623 mm
Strobe Ultra-high-speed strobe effects
Pixel strobe feature (up to 3 segments)
Tilt 240°
Tilt locking system Yes
Electrical protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Input voltage, absolute max. rating 90 – 264 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Input voltage, nominal 100 – 240 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Max inrush current 230VAC 70 A
Max power consumption 480 W
Max power thru @ 100 V 14 A
Max power thru @ 230 V 13 A
Power factor 0.96 PF (230 V)
Power Supply Unit Inbuilt IP 67 Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Standby power consumption 65 W
Programming and Control
16-bit control Dimmer, colors, CTO, pan/tilt, gobo index/rotation, zoom, focus
Cabled DMX 5 pin XLR input/output
DMX channels 22 or 29
DMX modes 2
Protocol CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S
Setting and addressing OLED graphical display / 4 buttons
Standalone mode
Wireless DMX Lumen Radio with RDM
DMX data in/out IP67 XLR 5-pin connector, Female
IP67 XLR 5-pin connector, Male
Power Power input connector & link-thru
Mounting point 4 x 2 quarter-turn locking points
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Hanging (Omega Brackets included)
Safety features Bottom mount for safety wire
Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.3 meter (11 in).
Cooling Active, Forced Air, Temperature-regulated
Humidity (max.) 98 %
Temperature range, operating -40°C to 50°C
Temperature range, start-up -20°C to 50°C
Temperature range, storage -40°C to 80°C
Thermal protection Automatic overtemperature protection
Total heat dissipation, max power 1637.8 BTU per hour
Total heat dissipation, standby 221.8 BTU per hour
Included items
Included items 2 Omega bracket with quater-turn fasteners
Safety instructions and installation quick guide
Glass Borosilicate high-temperature glass
Image diameter 23 mm
Maximum thickness glass 1.1 mm
Outside diameter 28 mm