SGM P-10 RGBW Architectural Wash Light

High Intensity 40,000 Lumen RGBW Architectural Wash Light.

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The SGM P-10 is a unique and extremely powerful all-in-one LED luminaire, ideal for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, high-rise office or hotel buildings, bridges, large format stage shows, sports, or any event that requires an ultra-bright and super-long throw lumianire. It carries the functionalities of a wash light, a strobe light, a flood light, a pixel light, and a direct-view blinder with a non-fading continuous output, making it the perfect multi-purpose LED fixture.


Optical Data
LED expected lifetime 50,000 hours
Lightsource 48 x high-power 24W RGBW LEDs
Native lens options 10°
Optional filters Elliptical horizontal, I/P, external (10° x 60° angle)
Elliptical vertical, I/P, external (60° x 10° angle)
Wide, P-1/P-6/P-10, external (47° angle)
Medium, P-1/P-6/P-10, external (18° angle)
Color temperature range 2000K – 10000K
Efficacy 29 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 40165 lm
Light output blue 2854 lm
Light output green 13151 lm
Light output red 7545 lm
Lux @ 10m 6530 lux
Lux @ 3m 72555 lux
Lux @ 5m 26122 lux
Native beam angle(s) 11° (with 10° lens)
18° (with Med filter frame)
47° (with Wide filter frame)
Native field angle(s) 22°
Color options Black – RAL 9004
Custom color – Any RAL
White – RAL 9010
Effective Projected Area 3.7 Square ft
IP class IP65
Lens material PE and tempered glass front
Material Aluminium
Net dimensions 702 x 402 x 206 mm
Net dimensions inches 27.7 x 15.8 x 8.1 inches
Net weight 20.9 kg (46.1 lbs)
Color calibration SGM proprietary, full color calibration
Dehumidifier Base / Head
Dimming 3 Smooth fade in, DMX-controllable curves: gamma corrected, linear, halogen emulation
Emulation mode / effect Tungsten response emulation
Color Filter Emulation
Filters Magnetic easy-fit spread angle filter frames
LED panel 8 individually controllable segments
Other Studio DMX mode(s)
LED frequency control over DMX
Strobe Ultra-high-speed strobe effects
Intensity, Duration, Rate and FX control channels
Pixel strobe feature (up to 8 segments)
Tilt 0 – 190°
Tilt locking system Locking system with angle indicator
Electrical protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Input voltage, absolute max. rating 90 – 305 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Input voltage, nominal 100 – 277 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Max inrush current 230VAC 79 A
Max power consumption 1400 W
Power factor 0.99 PF (230 V)
Power Supply Unit Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Standby power consumption 30 W
Programming and Control
16-bit control Dimmer, Red, Green, Blue, White
Cabled DMX 5 pin XLR input/output
DMX channels 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 21, 27, 30, 32, 35, 52
DMX modes 13
Protocol CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S
Setting and addressing OLED graphical display / 4 buttons
Standalone mode Quick Color
3 programs with up to 24 scenes
Wireless DMX Lumen Radio with RDM
DMX data in/out IP65 XLR 5-pin connector, Female
IP65 XLR 5-pin connector, Male
Power Power input connector & link-thru

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